Current Gifts

Cash Gifts 

Some donors choose to make an outright gift with cash, check, or credit card. In most cases, donors making cash contributions can see the results of their donations immediately.


Making a gift by cash, check, or credit card allows an individual to receive the full value of their gift when deducting it from their taxes. The charitable deductions one can claim for cash gifts to a public charitable organization is limited to 50 percent of their adjusted gross income annually. Any unused deduction can be applied for up to five years, which gives the donor six full years to use the deduction. 


Electronic funds transfers (Eft)


Electronic funds transfers can be used to send reoccuring gifts from a checking or savings account. Reoccuring gifts can be scheduled monthly or quarterly. Payment received by the Blinn Bollege Foundation will appear on your bank statements automatically, and the foundation will send you a receipt for tax purposes. 


Payment Dates

Invoices for pledges will be mailed on the anniversary date of when funds were committed. All single installment payment invoices will be mailed within a week of being committed to the Foundation. 


Changes to your Electronic Funds Transfer

At any time changes can be made to your EFT. Payment amount or scheudle can be by simply contacting the Foundation. If you change banks, please provide the foundation a new voided check or deposit slip. 



You may cancel an EFT at any time. Please notify the Foundation at least 15 days prior to your next scheduled payment or transfer.